K123 News – Week of April 8th – 12th

April 8, 2019

Last Week

The students did a quite a bit of writing last week. They wrote about what they like do in the summer, they wrote in their journals about Lily’s make-believe planets, and they wrote sentences using recently introduced vocabulary words.  They have been working hard on expanding their sentences by answering the questions: who, what, where, when, and why.  For example, if they want to write about a trip to the park, they might expand their sentences by including, who they were with, where they played, what they did, when they went, and/or why they went.

Last Thursday, Mrs. Ferguson taught the students about Van Gogh and showed them some of his famous paintings including Starry Night. She also taught them about warm and cool colors and helped them identify these colors in Van Gough’s paintings. At the end of her lesson, she taught the students how to create their own Starry Night masterpiece using pastels. They turned out great! A big thank you to Mrs. Ferguson!

Next Week

The students will take the Chapter 9 Math Test on Monday and start Chapter 10 (Identify and Describe Three-Dimensional Shapes) on Tuesday. They will complete Unit 8 (K,Q) in Superkids and start Unit 9 (J).  The students will also learn about Holy Week and will identify signs of new life during the Easter season.

The Fun Run is on Thursday! This is a Parent Association fundraiser and all proceeds will be used to benefit the school.  The kindergarteners are scheduled to run between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to come during that time to cheer the kindergarteners on! All students will get a t-shirt to wear for the run. Please send your child to school in comfortable clothes (shorts are allowed) and gym shoes. To find out more information on the Fun Run and/or register go to funrun.com. Our school code is: 427525.


We will:

  • learn about Holy Week.
  • attend a prayer service.

Mass preparation – Palm Sunday

Language Arts

We will:

  • identify the title of a play and an act.
  • blend sounds to decode words.
  • make predictions about a story.
  • identify rebuses.
  • understand idioms.
  • recall details in a story.
  • associate Jj with /j/.
  • associate picture names with /j/.
  • learn to print Jj neatly.

New memory word – said
New decodable words – jab, jack, jacket, jam, jet, job, jog, jug, jump, junk, just

Memory words – have, to, put, for, went, Supernoodle, no, me, likes, because, see, of, Superkids, the, Jesus, Mary, like, you, my, I, a, Frits, Icky,Lily, blue, pink, green, seven, eight, nine, four, five, six, purple, black, brown, Oswald, Golly, Alf, one, two, three, red, orange, yellow

Decodable words – ask, back, bank, basket, blanket, brick, bucket, clock, crack, cricket, desk, drink, duck, ink, kept, kick, kids, kiss, kit, lock, mask, muck, pack, pick, pocket, rock, socket, sack, sick, sickness, skip, skit, skunk, snack, sock, stick, quack, quick, quilt, quit, swim, twig, twin, wag, web, wed, well, went, wept, west, wet, wig, will, wilt, win, wind, windmill, eleven, seven, van, vast, vat, velvet, vent, vest, vet, visit, bump, camp, cap, clap, clip, crisp, cup, damp, drip, drop, dump, flaps, flip, flop, gulp, gumdrop, happen, help, hiccups, hip, hop, lamp, lap, lip, lump, map, mop, nap, nip, pants, pass, past, pat, pen, pest, pet, picnic, pig, piglet, pigpen, pill, plan, planet, plant, plastic, plum, pond, pop, pot, present, press, problem, puff, puppet, ramp, rip, sip, slap, slip, slop, snap, snip, spend, spill, spin, spot, stamp, stomp, stop, stump, tap, tip, top, trip, up, upset, am, comic, glum, gum, ham, him, mad, mat, melt, men, mend, mess, miss, mitten, mud, muffin, must, smell, an, and, ant, band, bun, cabin, can, contest, dentist, end, fan, fantastic, fin, fun, grin, grunt, hand, hen, hunt, in, insect, land, lend, lent, nest, net, not, nut, on, ran, robin, run, sand, send, sent, snag, stand, sun, ten, tent, tunnel, until, brat, crab, crust, drag, dress, drift, frog, grab, grass, rabbit, rag, red, rest, rid, rub, rug, rust, scrub, bad, bag, bat, bed, bell, belt, best, bet, big, bill, bit, blast, blob, boss, bud, bug, bus, but, club, cub, glob, sob, tub, discuss, cuff, cut, dug, dull, dust, fluff, fuss, gull, Gus, gust, huff, hug, hut, lug, stuff, tug, us, had, hat, held, hid, hill, his, hit, hog, hot, hot dog, Ed, egg, elf, fed, fell, felt, get, led, left, leg, less, let, self, sell, set, sled, Ted, tell, test, cliff, fad, fast, fat, fig, fill, fist, fit, flag, flat, floss, fog, gift, if, lift, loft, off, sift, soft, staff, stiff, act, at, cast, act, cost, cot, dot, got, it, last, list, lost, lots, sat, sit, slot, still, stilt, Tac, tag, Tic, tilt, Toc, toss, tot, did, dig, dill, gill, ill, is, lid, Sid, sill, slid, clad, class, clog, doll, glad, glass, gloss, Lad, lag, Lass, log, loss, Sal, salad, add, cod, cog, dad, Doc, dog, odd, Cass, gas, sad, sod, Sal


We will:

  • compare three dimensional shapes by attributes.
  • identify, name and describe spheres, cubes, cylinders, and cones.
  • practice addition and subtraction facts.


Upcoming Events
Monday – Mass 9:15 Please send a non perishable food donation, if you are able.
Thursday – Fun Run 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. (Out of Uniform)