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First Grade Newsletter June 2-5, 2014

Thank you for a wonderful year.  Whether you volunteered in the classroom, sent in a donation or kept in contact via email or notes, we appreciate your commitment to our classrooms and your student.  We are so proud of their growth!  Keep in touch.  We love to continue to hear about their successes.  We will always be their teachers no matter how big they are.

The First Grade team

This week in class

We are wrapping up all of our academic work in the next few days.  The word wall test will be on Monday and Tuesday.  See the list below.  The final math test will also be on Monday.  We will write letters to next year’s 1st graders; giving them advice and highlighting some of the great events we participate in during the 1st grade year.  We are also working on something special just for the dads.

Monday’s words

who, what, where, when, why, how, are, our, very, some, isn’t, been, done, friend, because, they, could, would, should, down, here, play, there, their, these, said, to, two, too, eight.

Tuesday’s words

after, again, any, every, from, give, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, them, then, think, were, was, before, does, first, work, your, those, goes, going.

Some Reminders

* The Everyday Math Reference  book is due.  If it is not returned you will be billled a $25 replacement fee.

* Every student needs a paper shopping bag for their belongings as we clean out lockers and desks.  Please send in one for your child.  Extra bags for a friend who may have forgotten are welcome too.

* Please discuss with your child which school supplies you would like brought home and which are ok to donated to those less fortunate.  We will create donation bags as we clean out our desks.

* Thursday is our last day of school.  It is a full day with dismissal at 3:30.  It is also Celebrate SJC day.  Students may be out of uniform and a pizza lunch as well as many snacks and treats will be offered throughout the day.  The students will be outside for the majority of the day so sunscreen should be applied prior to arriving to school.  The parent association is still looking for adult volunteers to help make the day run smoothly.  Please contact the office if you are available.

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