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Week of October 27-31, 2014

This is a very exciting week at SJC and in 1st grade in particular.  As a school we celebrate Red Ribbon Week, the oldest and largest drug prevention program.  Each day a special activity will encourage our students to live healthy lives and make good choices.  On Monday our entire school will attend mass.  Our liturgy’s theme is Respect for Life.  We will have visitors on Wednesday from the Junior Achievement program, a volunteer program in which persons from the world of business (UPS in particular) come to instruct our students in various topics such as economics, supply and demand and public verses private industry.  We end our week Friday with our traditional Halloween parade and party.  Specifics about each of these events are detailed below under more information.

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies for last week’s Port sandwich making activity.  The first graders did a great job making the sandwiches!  We will have another opportunity to make sandwiches as a grade level in the spring.

Don’t forget to sign up for parent/teacher conferences which will occur next week November 6th and 7th.

This week in class


The sixth grade planned our all school liturgy which will occur on Monday.  The theme is respect for life.  An all school collection of gently used adults’  and children’s shoes will occur until this Wednesday.  Shoes will be donated to Share Your Soles.  If you have shoes of any kind to donate please send them to school by this Wednesday 10/29.

Rooms 103 and 106 will have chapel prayer services this week.  Check your teacher’s webpage for specifics.

In preparation for All Saints Day the students will be writing a class book about how they try to live a saintly life.  Watch for this class book to come home soon.

Language Arts

This week we will finish up unit 5 of Super Kids.  The spelling test will be Friday morning.  This week’s words are we, asked, there, or, helped, be, to, hugging, from & shopping. We will also have a journal assessment activity.  Students will be completing the October centers.  Guided reading  clubs will still occur all week, although on a more abbreviated level.  We also have some Halloween surprises in store for them later in the week.  


Our focus this week is on using the number line as a tool for both addition and subtraction.  We will also review skip counting and play coin top-it to practice combinations of coins.

Tuesday’s fact strategy is adding doubles.  Students should work on memorizing these facts (adding doubles 0 through12).  Memorization will be helpful as we introduce other strategies which rely on the doubles facts.

On Wednesday we will be completing a pumpkin math activity.  Each child should bring in a small pumpkin of their own by Wednesday.   We will measuring, weighing and counting the number of seeds in our pumpkins.  This is always a favorite October event.

Important Dates and More Information 

Monday - all school liturgy, 9:15.  Please join us if you are able.

We will be decorating our door to “open the door to a healthy lifestyle”

Tuesday  - we will have our regular schedule.  Don’t forget to wear/send gym shoes for PE

* on a side note – students should only wear gym shoes on Tuesdays and Fridays (1st grade gym days)  Regular school shoes should be worn on the other days.

We will be displaying red ribbons on our lockers sharing with the community what we love about ourselves.

Wednesday - Junior Achievement representatives will be with us all morning.  The focuses of the first grade program include needs & wants, community helpers and the need for taxes.

It is crazy sock day.  Students can wear any socks along with their regular uniform and uniform shoes.

Thursday  – It’s crazy hair day.  Students can do their hair in a “crazy” style.  No hair dye, wigs or hats.  Any hairspray must be used a home and not brought to school.

Friday- Halloween!  Students may wear their costumes to school.  We will have a regular day of school during the morning.  The parade will begin at 1:30.  Weather permitting, we will parade with our buddies across the sidewalk in front of the school.  If the weather is bad, alternate plans will be announced.  The class party will occur after we have paraded and serenaded throughout the school.

* Don’t forget to wear or bring gym shoes for gym*

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