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Weeks of March 23 and March 30, 2015

The calendar says its Spring but the weather outside says otherwise.  Inside we are preparing for Spring by planting grass seeds and watching them grow and grow, changing over our centers to more spring focused activities and focusing on the upcoming Holy Week.

We have already heard from some parents about their plans to leave school early next week.  If your plans include leaving early prior to dismissal on Thursday, please notify your teacher as well as the school office.  We will not be sending classwork or homework with students leaving early.  Most of the activities scheduled for next week include projects which would be too complicated to send home with directions.  Thank you for understanding.

In the classroom this week


This week we continue to observe the final days of Lent.  As a grade level we will participate in praying the Stations of the Cross.  We are finishing up the Lenten and Holy Week pages in our workbooks.  We will create a special project focusing on the Last Supper.  Each student needs 2 paper one dozen egg cartons for this project.  If you have extra, please send them in for a friend.

First grade is responsible for the PA prayer during the month of April.  Watch your child’s folder for specific information if they have been selected to lead the school in prayer.


We will finish the Geometry unit (unit 7) and take the unit test next Monday.  The review page will go home on Friday and does not need to be returned unless your student has a question.  This week we will discover three dimensional figures as well as how two dimensional shapes work with each other.  This is in preparation for our work with fractions when we return from Easter.

Language Arts

This week we will work on unit 8 in the SuperKids program.  We will have a spelling test on Friday.  The spelling words are warm, once, done, walk, give, found, brown, round, loud and grow.   The new phonetic rule for this week is: ou and ow make the sound that you hear in about and cow. Ow also makes the long o sound that you hear in bow.  We will be writing the class book of ou and ow sounds.


* We go outside everyday for recess, weather permitting.  Some students are not coming dressed properly.  Some days still require coats and gloves.  Thanks for you help with this!

* It is nearing the end of the school year.  We are completely out of some school supplies, especially glue sticks.  Please ask your child if they are in need of any supplies.

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