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Week of March 2nd



*We are continuing to pray, give alms and make better choices during lent.  Don’t forget to send in a few coins for our “rice bowl” for the missions.

* Check your child’s teacher homepage about Chapel Prayer

* Students will be tested on the Prayer of Saint Francis, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Hail Mary.

* We will discuss the meaning of petitions and discover how the church prays to the Holy Spirit.

Language Arts

* Room 103 will do a book study on the story Fortunately by Remy Charlip.  They will read, discuss complete a repeated reading and analyze the pattern in the book.  The students will complete a project using this book which will be on display at Spotlight SJC day in May.

*The phonics rule this week are “ar, or, ear trickers”.  Some examples of these words are:  learn, collar and world. The story this week is Slumber Party.

*There will be no spelling test this week.  There will be one next week on Friday, March 13th.   The spelling words are as follows:  collar, dollar, forward, backward, word, worm, world, earn, earth and early.

* The students will be making a class book on Adverbs.


* Subtract using a 10 frame and practice different strategies for minus 8 & 9

* Review strategy for 2 digit addition

* Review measuring and be introduced to centimeters

* Review What’s My Rule and play Tric & Trac game


* Terra Nova Testing this week for 3rd-7th

* Report Cards Sent Home – Friday, March 6th

* All School Liturgy – Tuesday, March 10th


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