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First Grade News – Week of October 20, 2014

Port Sandwiches

On Wednesday, October 22nd first grade will be making Port Sandwiches. A letter went home last week indicating the food item that your child needs to bring.  You may begin bringing the items in on Monday, October 20th . The items are due at the latest on Wednesday, October 22 in the morning.  On Wednesday, please indicate in your child’s home folder whether they will be staying to make the port sandwiches. Pick up is at 4:10. We will wait with your child and send them out to your car at the front entrance of SJC.


Important Dates

*Wednesday, October 22 – First Grade Port Sandwich making after school.

*Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22- Book  Fair (See details below.)

*Friday, Oct. 24 – Out of Uniform.  Please send $1.00 for Cancer

This Week

Language Arts

*There is no spelling test this week.

*Word Wall List:

We will now include an ongoing list of Word Wall Words in our newsletter. Please practice spelling and reading these words. These are the words that are displayed in our classrooms:

a are be do from for have he her his how I look me my or she show there to was we what when where which who why the you your

*The students will learn this spelling rule:  In a consonant, vowel, consonant (cvc) word you double the final consonant before you add the suffix -ed or -ing. (i.e. hugging or batted)


*Fact Tuesday the students will practice adding three numbers. (i.e. 3+2+2=7)

*We will teach the difference between odd and even numbers.

*The students will learn about probability and skip counting on the 100’s grid.


*We will meet with our 8th grade buddies on Monday to practice Halloween songs and do a Halloween activity.

*Read the story about Jesus curing the Leper.

*Learn about prayers of thanks.  Practice thanking God for our gifts.

*We will begin our Second Step Program as the students will be taught self control and how to focus, listen and increase their memory.


Item Needed

Please send a small pumpkin to school by next week Monday, October, 27th.  The pumpkin should be small enough for your child to carry into school independently.  We will be using the pumpkins for a math activity next week.

Book Fair

Here is the schedule for the Book Fair which will be held in the Parish Center:

*Room 106 – Tuesday, October 21 from 12:30-1:00

*Room 103 Wednesday – October 22nd from 2:00-2:30

*Room 104 – Wednesday –  October 22nd from 12:30-1:00

You may join us or send money in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name. We will help them select books if you are unable to attend. There are other items besides books. Please discuss with your child what you would like them to choose, i.e. “I would only like you to buy books that you can read.” “You may buy one item that is not a book but it cannot cost more than $3.00.” “I am OK with my child purchasing a $20 Lego Book or a sticker book”. If you clearly write out directions on the envelope, we can help them make decisions with your guidance. This will help to alleviate tears and anxiety on that day if you are not able to attend.

Halloween Parade

Detailed directions will be sent home about the Halloween Parade in the early part of next week. We are waiting for the 8th grade parents who are in charge of this activity to finish coordinating the plans.


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