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November 24th and 25th

This week…

Language Arts

* The first graders will be gathering together to enjoy a virtual tour of the Mayflower.

* The first graders will be doing a Reader’s Theater in honor of Thanksgiving.

* We will be reading about Native Americans and doing an art and writing project.

* The students will learn about the first Thanksgiving.  They will create a turkey hat.


* We will be playing a Native American stick game to practice tallying.

* We will be working on addition and subtraction.


Important Dates

* Tuesday, Nov. 25 – All School Liturgy

* Wednesday – Friday, Nov. 26-28 – No School

* Monday, Dec. 1 – Advent Prayer Service (if your child was given lines, please practice them)

* Thursday and Friday, Dec. 4 & 5 – Secret Santa’s Workshop

* Friday, Dec. 5 – Out of Uniform


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