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First Grade News – April 28, 2015

Important Dates in First Grade From Now Until the End of the Year

(More details to follow as the dates get closer.)

*Tuesday, April 28  – All School 9:15 am Mass- Liturgy was planned by first grade

*Thursday, April 30 – Egg Drop- Build a Vessel- 

*Friday, April 31- Egg Drop – Egg Drop Experiment – As part of our science curriculum, the students make an hypothesis as to what materials need to be used in building a vessel to protect a raw egg.  The vessel will then be dropped from the balcony in the main gym at SJC.  They will check to see if their raw egg survived.

*Tuesday, May 5 – Spotlight SJC

*Monday, May 11 – May Crowning and Ribbon Ceremony

*Tuesday, May 12 – Morton Arboretum Field Trip for First Grade

*Friday, May 15 – Memorial Games – Out of Uniform

*Friday, May 22 – First Grade Author’s Day- 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Multipurpose Room

*Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day – No School

*Wednesday, May 27 – 8th Grade Buddy Lunch

*Thursday, June 4 –  Fun Day

*Friday, June 5 – Last Day of School – All School Liturgy – Dismissal at 11:30am

Egg Drop

We will conduct our annual egg build and drop this week. This is a highlight of the year for many first graders. On Thursday we will build a vessel (no bigger than a shoe box) to hold a raw egg. Students are welcome to bring materials to use from home but we do have plenty to share with the entire class. Some suggested materials include packing peanuts, cardboard, styrofoam or bubble wrap. We can always use more masking tape as well. On Friday morning we will take our egg vessels to the main gym and drop them one by one from the gym balcony. Which ones will crack and which ones will survive? It’s always so exciting to see!

This Week


*We will discuss how the church helps the world.

*Prepare for our liturgy and iscuss how we can be stewards of the Earth.

Language Arts

*The students have completed the Superkids Program.  We will be giving them the End-of-the-Year Superkids test this week.

*We will continue with guided reading clubs and guided reading club homework for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

*The students will be writing their color poems for the next 2-3 weeks for Author’s Day.

*We will be completing projects all week for Spotlight SJC Day.

*There will be a word wall test each week over 20 words on the word wall.  This week’s words are:  are, come, do, eight, have, know, many, put, two, to, too, there, their, very, who, what, where, why, you, your.


*Tbe students will be introduced to fractions- 1/2, 1/3, 1/4.

*We will be finishing up Unit 8 in our Everyday Math Book.  There will be a math test this week . (TBA by each individual first grade class.) A test review will go home the night before the math test,


*Egg Drop 







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