1st Grade

September 10-14, 2012 First Grade News

From the teachers

Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s Meet the Teacher night.  It certainly was a pleasure to get to know you better and have the opportunity to share some of the things that have kept us so busy these past weeks in first grade.  We look forward to working with you throughout the school year!

This week will be especially busy with an all school liturgy on Tuesday and games day  on Thursday.

We will begin rotating our class books.  These are books with a page written and illustrated by each class member.  It is a privilege to take one home.  When it is your child’s turn to enjoy a particular classbook, please help them to treat it with the respect and care it deserves.  Please do not read it around food or drink (accidents do happen!) Return it the very next day of school so someone else will have a turn to take it home to share.  Once we have a few more books under our belt the rotating really begins.  First grade typically writes 60-70 books in a school year so you will get a chance to have one at your house at least once or twice a week.


On Tuesday, September 11 we will be participating in the all school liturgy.  As a show of support for Riley (former SJC student) Marshall’s eagle scout project we are asking the students to bring in donations for Hynes VA Hospital and Fisher house. Travel sized items, paperback books and household items are just a few of the items needed. A comprehensive list of items requested are in the SJC Sunday bulletin as well as on the parish website in the 9/2 bulletin.

This week we will begin unit 2 in our text .  Wednesday will begin our regular Wednesday Chapel Prayer services.  On Friday we will preview the upcoming Sunday readings.

Language Arts

Our first spelling test will be this Friday, 9/14.  There are 10 words on the bi-weekly spelling test.  This unit’s words are I, my, she, her, he, his,dish, fish, wish, dash, crash, trash, lunch, punch, crunch, catch, match & patch.  The first six memory words (the bolded words)  will definitely be on the test and four of the remaining patten words will be part of the test.  Students are asked to practice all of the words and be prepared to spell any of them.  Point out to your child the pattern which occurs in the word groupings.  Practice writing on paper, a dry erase board or even word processed.  We practice all of these words daily as part of our daily routine in Super Kids.

This week we will read the poem “Ettabetta’s Radish Patch” as well as “The Patch It Up Shop”.  When the big reader comes home, read the next assigned story and return the reader the next day.  If you child is struggling reading the entire story independently encourage them to partner read with you.  You read one page and then they read the other side.  Encourage them to use the pictures as clues.

We will write a CH/SH/TCH book this week to reinforce the phonetic sounds we are working on in unit 1 of Super Kids.


This week’s focus will be on reading temperature in Fahrenheit, tally marks and counting by 10’s and 2’s.  There will be math homework each day this week except for Friday.  Monday and Tuesday will be regular home links (1.12 & 1.13).  On Wednesday we will send home a review page for Friday’s test.  The review page will be sent home Wednesday so you can practice Thursday for Friday’s test.  Friday’s assessment will be very similar to the review page.


Our lab this week will require students to sort living and non-living items.  We are continuing our Life Science unit in class by reading our science text and enjoying our new science center on living and non-living.

Important Dates

Tuesday, 9/11 – all school liturgy for Patriot Day.  Please feel free to join us!

Thursday, 9/13 – Games Day. Our PE teachers have planned a wonderful afternoon for us.  Students will learn appropriate games to play on the playground which use the recess equipment provided and can easily include others into the game.   Students may be out of uniform.  Everyone should bring a water bottle, wear a hat and apply sunscreen prior to coming to school on Thursday.  Our rain day will be on Friday.

A few reminders

* Please send in your volunteer request sheet ASAP.  Volunteer opportunities will begin soon!

* Each student needs 30 pennies for math class.  Have you sent your’s in???


Week of May 26th

Author’s day was a huge success!  Thank you to the parents who came early to help us get set up. The first graders truly felt like real authors and were so proud to share their works with you.

Buddy Lunch

On Wednesday we will share lunch with our 8th grade buddies as their final event before graduation.  Please remember a blanket or beach towel for the two buddies to sit on.  We recognize that your child has enjoyed having a special 8th grade buddy all year.   However, we do ask that you do not give gifts during the buddy lunch.  The gesture of providing lunch is enough and will be remembered long after any cards or trinkets are gone.

This week…..

During this week each homeroom will be working on our poetry performances, which we will give to the other primary classrooms.  We will be creating a book of poems; both writing and illustrating various poems. Your child will be coming home with their poem. Please practice reading your child’s poem with them.

Important Reminders

* Tuesday, June 2nd, this is our final day of classroom activities.  We will also spend a portion of our day cleaning and closing down our classroom. In preparation for Tuesday: Each student will bring home a shopping bag with their belongings. If you have not already sent in a large shopping bag with a handle, please do so ASAP. Discuss with your child what school supplies they should keep (if any) and what supplies can be donated to the school supply drive.

* Thursday, June 4th, Celebrate SJC Day Students may be out of uniform. Sunscreen and a hat are highly recommended since the students will be outside for most of the day.  Please apply sunscreen BEFORE coming to school. Lunch and plenty of snacks will be provided throughout the day.

* Friday, June 5th, Students should be in uniform. An all school liturgy will begin a 9:15. Dismissal is at 11:00

Some Requests

* If you have not sent in the $20 fee to cover the Author’s Day supplies please do so as soon as possible.

* All Everyday Math Reference books DO NOT need to be returned.

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