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Room 103 & 104 weeks of April 7 and 14, 2014

During these next two weeks we will be busy finishing our Lenten projects, recognizing Holy Week and preparing for Easter and our long awaited Easter vacation.  Over the next two weeks we will create our annual Last Supper project, build and drop our egg vessels, meet with our 8th grade buddies and even hear the Resurrection story from our 3rd grade friends.  These are just a few of the many activities planned over the next 10 days.

If you are planning on leaving early for Easter break, please send a note to your child’s teacher.  We will forward it to the office.  It helps in our planning over the next two weeks.  Thank you!


On Monday the 1st grade will lead the school in an all school Lenten prayer service in the gym.  First grade is responsible for the daily morning prayer over the PA.  This week and next we will focus on the events of Holy Week.  We are creating a Last Supper replica (keep sending in those egg cartons!)  that will be a wonderful centerpiece for your Easter table.  Our chapel prayer services will continue as well.  Each classroom has just a few more of these wonderful events to share with one another.  Our alter clothes are looking lovely filled with each family name.


This week we will complete unit 8 and take the assessment for the unit next week Tuesday.  Students are asked to “make purchases” in the class store; adding purchases, making change and determining whether they have enough money to make a purchase.  This is a difficult concept and we will continue to practice it for the rest of the school year.  The remainder of the unit introduces fractions and fractional parts.  The review page for the unit test will go home on Monday.

Language Arts

We are completing unit 8 in Super Kids.  The phonics rule for the week is the OU/OW sound.  Our spelling words are warm, once, done, walk, give, found, brown, round, loud and grow. There will be a spelling test this Friday, April 11.  Our story this week is “That was Yesterday” about Alf and Frits arguing about a tag game.  In the end they make up and when asked if they are still mad at one another they reply, “That was yesterday”.  


We will conduct our annual egg build and drop this week.  This is a highlight of the year for many first graders.  On Thursday we will build a vessel (no bigger than a shoe box) to hold a raw egg.  Students are welcome to bring materials to use from home but we do have plenty to share with the entire class.  Some suggested materials include packing peanuts, cardboard, styrofoam or bubble wrap.  We can always use more masking tape as well.  On Friday morning we will take our egg vessels to the main gym and drop them one by one from the gym balcony.  Which ones will crack and which ones will survive?  It’s always so exciting to see!

Important Dates and reminders

Thursday 4/10 –  hot dog day.  Don’t forget a snack

also egg drop build day

Friday, 4/11 – egg drop in the morning

* yes, we are in school on Friday*

Thursday, 4/17 – Holy Thursday service, dismissal at 3:30 for Easter break

Monday, April 28 – return from Easter break

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