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First Grade News – Catholic School’s Week – January 26-30

Happy Catholic School’s Week

Important Dates

*January 26 – Monday – All School Liturgy – 9:15am

*January 29 – Thursday- Open House – 9:30-11:30 am and 1:30-3:00 pm. Parents and visitors are invited to our Open House.

*January 30 – Friday – Spirit Day – This is an out of uniform day. First grade wears green to school.  We will have a spelling assessment in the morning and then the remainder of the day is filled with Spirit Day activities.

*February 8 and February 9 – Thursday and Friday – Parent Teacher Conferences – Thursday from 5:00-8:00pm and Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm.  This is an optional conferences.  Please make an appointment on line through Pick-a-Time.  You can find the link on the SJC Website.

*February 12 – Thursday -Valentine’s Day Party- 2:15pm

*February 13 – Friday – No School – Teacher Inservice

This Week


*We will be attending an All School Liturgy on Monday at 9:15am.  This is the opening of Catholic School’s Week.

*The students will write “Thank you notes” to their parents for Catholic School’s Week.  This project will be on display for Catholic School’s Week.

*We will be writing notes of encouragement to our 8th grade buddies who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this year.

Language Arts

*Our new phonics rule introduces the students to the sound /aw/ in words that end in -aw and -all (as in ball and crawl).

*The new memory words are: come, coming, they, our & put. We will read two stories in the big reader; Play Ball and Rex King Visits.

*We will have a spelling test this week on Friday, January 30th before the Spirit Day activities. The words are : coming, they, come, our, put, call, saw, crawl, yawn and small.


*We will begin unit 5 in Everyday Math. In the upcoming weeks we will work with place value- ones, tens and hundreds. We will make exchanges for tens and hundreds and use our place value knowledge to add and subtract. This is an important concept and much time will be dedicated to it in the upcoming weeks. Students are also exploring numbers using the relationship symbols (<, >, and =). We will teach them that the “<” symbol is like a giant alligator’s mouth; the mouth eats the bigger number and points to the smaller number. Keep practicing your facts at home. It helps with fluency in many math operations.

*Fact Tuesday – Addition facts to 20.


*We are continuing to study the continent of Antarctica.  We are exploring the climate, animals and unique physical features of this part of the world.  The students did several related science experiments in the lab.  They placed their hand in cold water insulated by a bag lined with blubber (Crisco) and another bag lined with feathers to prove how animals stay warm in the Arctic regions of the world.  We also studied the water cycle, evaporation and did several experiments exemplifying the properties of salt and salt water.

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